--- abcm2ps installation ---

Unix(-like) systems.

This version uses the GNU 'autoconf' package, so, after untarring the
sources, run:


and then, as root, do:

	make install

The 'abcm2ps' command should work if '/usr/local/bin' is in your path
(try 'abcm2ps -h' for a list of the command line options).

You may change many compile options at configure level. To know which,

	configure --help

Windows or MAC systems.

Change the file 'config.h' according to your preferences, compile all
the '.c' files using an ANSI C compiler, and link them together. The
resulting binary file should run immediately from where it has been
generated. You may then move at any place you want.


To test the program, run it with one of the .abc files as the command
line argument:

	abcm2ps sample

The resulting file, '', may be displayed using a PostScript
previewer such as ghostview, or may be sent directly to a PostScript
printer, or indirectly to a simple printer using a postscript filter.